Why we exist

Our purpose

Our Purpose is to help families achieve what matters most.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Caring for our families, our people and communities, not just their finances
  • Delivering what they require under one roof
  • Providing pre-eminent independent advice
  • Enabling our families to have a positive impact on society

We do this with people who are excellent, heartfelt, inspiring and principled.

In doing so, we will be the exceptional multi-family office.

The Wigmore Association

Mutual Trust is proud to be a founding member of the Wigmore Association; an innovative group
of leading single and multi-family offices from across the globe. This unique organisation provides a forum in which we can share knowledge and best practice with fellow experts, seeking to enhance our understanding of issues that are important to our clients. It is a collaborative environment where we seek to extend opportunities for our clients in the global marketplace.

What makes us different?

Mutual Trust has helped Australian families protect and grow their wealth across multiple generations since 1921. We do this by thinking for the long-term. We ask questions and we listen to you. Together, we set a vision and we execute. With this focus, we help to protect and grow our clients’ wealth for generations to come.

At Mutual Trust, our definition of a wealthy family is about more than financial wealth. Family wealth is about so much more than liquid capital and physical assets. It is about human fulfilment, relationships and contributing to the lives of others. We help grow family capital through a defined purpose, documented vision and values, tailored investment strategies and clear communication.

Mutual Trust embodies the tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic vision and commercial success with a family ethos that permeates everything we do.