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How we differ

Why Mutual Trust

There is no doubt that wealth matters, yet wealth can mean more than financial success.

Every family is different. We take the time to truly understand each family’s unique circumstances, needs and desires, uncovering what matters most to them – the purpose of their wealth. With this focus and alignment, we help to create and execute a Family Strategy that will empower them to achieve their Purpose of Wealth for generations to come.

This is the Mutual Trust experience.

“I’ve been there through all the moments that matter in my clients’ lives. I’ve seen their kids grow, grandkids come along, buy their dream house. I love being there for them.”

Tanya Vanderpoel – Director, Wealth

The Mutual Trust experience

As a modern Family Office, Mutual Trust brings together the right infrastructure (people, processes, and systems) and curates bespoke networking opportunities with like-minded communities to deliver a highly personalised and exceptional experience. Importantly, our people are both technically competent and have a high degree of emotional intelligence – an essential combination to help families navigate their unique challenges, build trust and preserve family unity.

Enabling positive impacts on our economy and society

Families of wealth are vital to the Australian economy, providing large numbers of jobs, capital, business innovation and community support.

This is put at risk if wealthy families are not effectively supported. When families of wealth adopt the proven Mutual Trust Gemstone Framework, good things happen. Families thrive, businesses prosper and more private capital is grown and deployed. This is for the benefit of the families themselves, the economy and society.

For a copy of Why the Modern Family Office Matters please click here.

A multi-generational approach

For families to prosper for generations, the second most important factor (after communication) is ensuring the younger family members are equipped with the tools and experience they need to lead and manage family wealth. By seeking to involve and consult all family members, we build strong and trusted relationships, with deep engagement from the matriarch and patriarch to the third or fourth generation that follows.

Mutual Trust is deeply invested in safeguarding the success of future family leaders and helping them to maximise their impact. We do this through our Rising Gen program, where we deliver tailored family learning programs and through our Investment Education series. This helps to better prepare inheritors and sets a unified vision of the family’s Purpose of Wealth.

“We carefully consider the needs of each family and family member to build the right relationship team. This enables us to develop strong relationships across multiple generations and truly understand what matters most to our families.”

Maria Lui – Partner, Head of Client Experience