What we do

Mutual Trust puts the interests of our clients first, building relationships of confidence and trust over time. Our integrated service model provides the essential services required for families and individuals to protect and grow their wealth.

With over 200 professionals, the Mutual Trust team has a deep understanding of investment management, taxation, superannuation, succession planning, financial management, philanthropy and trustee services.

Our services include:

Family office

At Mutual Trust, we define a family office as the functional team that supports families with intergenerational wealth. That support can extend to family advisory, family governance and decision-making processes, education of family members, intergenerational wealth transfers, asset protection, philanthropy, financial administration, tax compliance and investment management. A family office is not necessarily a legal entity, physical location or organisational structure, although it will often take on many of these traits as a family’s wealth grows.

For over six generations, Mutual Trust has helped Australian families navigate the ever-changing landscape of intergenerational wealth. We have worked with an array of Australian and international families at varying stages of their journeys. What is clear is that no two families are the same. Every family plots its own unique course to success. And every family must manoeuvre its way around its own unique set of hazards. We have observed many recurring themes over the years which, when aggregated, form something of a roadmap which we now use to help guide other families on their own unique journeys – whether they’re new to wealth or several generations deep.

Vision & values

Our bespoke solutions for families mean we take the time to help identify their purpose, vision and values and acquire a deep understanding of their current circumstances and what they would like to achieve over the long term, across generations. We clarify what matters most to the family and we help them structure an approach, with solutions to guide the future. Our team helps Australia’s most successful families achieve greater focus, which provides them with the best chance of success in delivering on their purpose and transitioning their wealth to future generations.

Family succession

Families are often challenged by how to smoothly transition control and ownership of their wealth, values, knowledge and legacy to the next generation without stifling identity or aspirations of family members. Family succession requires well-disciplined family governance and planning, to deliver what matters most across generations. Our long heritage of working with several generations of families uniquely positions us to provide the stability, continuity and guidance required for lasting prosperity.

Rising generations

We believe in the engagement, education and empowerment of younger family members to pursue their passions and prepare for future roles in their family and society. We spark the imagination, innovation and excitement of “next-gen’ to help them realise their potential through our financial education and well-being programmes.

Wealth management

We deliver a highly personalised wealth management service incorporating investment advice, portfolio management and administration. We provide high quality, objective advice that is always in the best interests of our clients. We have a proven track record of successfully protecting and growing client assets over multiple generations.

We are an established team of over 40 investment professionals with no affiliation to any major financial institution or broker. Our investment philosophy is guided by aligning the unique circumstances and values of each client with their investment strategy. We leverage our role as a trusted advisor with deep understanding of our client needs to provide personalised advice and the best selections across all major asset classes, with special access to private investment deals. Through deep and long-lasting relationships with the world’s biggest and best alternative investment managers, we provide clients with the option to invest in unique and exclusive opportunities.

We firmly believe a robust investment governance framework will enhance the long-term success of any investment program. We provide institutional grade management of direct domestic and international equities portfolios and use proprietary models supported by investment strategy databases, analytical tools and independent research.  Our clients benefit from whole of balance sheet reporting including private property, private investment, artwork and lifestyle assets and we are a full-service custodian (AFSL 234590).

We believe the foundation of a strong investment strategy starts with clearly defining our clients’ financial goals and objectives, risk tolerances, time horizon and specific considerations. From this we develop an appropriate return and risk framework, plus a strategic asset allocation. A tailored investment strategy is then documented with an appropriate asset mix, to meet our clients’ long-term investment objectives.

We implement and manage diversified multi-asset class portfolios, designed to be resilient through all market conditions. All portfolios are administered internally so we can provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive reporting across all assets. We combine this with our tax, accounting, superannuation and family offices to provide clients with a fully integrated service.

Tax, accounting, consulting & superannuation

As the backbone of wealth preservation and growth, the disciplines of tax, accounting and superannuation form the key pillars of Mutual Trust’s service offering. Our team works collaboratively to ensure that financial affairs are structured to optimise tax outcomes including the use of corporations, partnerships, trusts and superannuation funds.

We provide specialised taxation and superannuation advice as well as fulfilling clients’ ongoing compliance requirements. Taxation legislation changes constantly and we closely monitor the legislation and rulings to provide clients with accurate and timely advice.

Through the development of deep relationships and comprehensive record keeping, we provide both business and personal financial accounting, as well as a wide range of ancillary services including bookkeeping services.


Dating back to the legacy left by Sidney and Merlyn Myer, and the creation of the Sidney Myer Fund and later The Myer Foundation, a commitment to philanthropy is central to Mutual Trust.

A deep understanding of the philanthropic sector allows us to expertly guide our clients, helping them to maximise the positive social impact of their wealth through philanthropy.

At Mutual Trust, we undertake strategic engagements with some of Australia’s leading families, institutions, and corporate foundations. We advise on the establishment and management of foundations and donor-advised funds, as well as development and implementation of grant rounds and competitions, scholarship programs and other initiatives in the areas of education, disadvantage, environment and agriculture and the creation of large, iconic gifts.


Trustee services

Mutual Trust is a licensed trustee company. We can be appointed as executor, trustee or attorney for our clients. As trustee, executor or attorney with an in-house team of tax, accounting and wealth management experts we provide guidance and oversight to ensure assets are managed and transitioned in accordance with our clients’ wishes.

Indigenous trusts

Mutual Trust is the trustee for a number of native title trusts providing services that benefit several communities. Working closely with indigenous communities, we develop a deep understanding and connection with the families we serve, allowing us to ensure the needs of beneficiaries are respected whilst providing stewardship of significant assets.

Property services

Whether it’s rural, inner city, residential or recreational, Mutual Trust has the expertise to advise on asset management, portfolio management, tax structuring, developments and transactions. Our clients are actively selling, buying and managing properties utilising the skills and advice offered by our team of experts.


At Mutual Trust our role is to work with clients to maximise business returns from agricultural investments both now and for future generations. Mutual Trust agribusiness offers clients access to quality advice and research when acquiring and managing an agricultural asset. We also provide strategic, financial and reporting consulting services, delivering innovative solutions for our clients. The agribusiness team works closely with our family office and tax and accounting teams to ensure that the rural service is integrated with all other services provided to our clients.