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Protecting and growing family wealth since 1921

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Mutual Trust provides integrated wealth and professional services to some of Australia’s most successful families, family businesses, trustees, not-for-profits and individuals.

We build purposeful, long-term relationships with our clients to help preserve and grow their wealth for future generations. Through a collaborative approach, we empower clients to create a lasting positive impact, both for their families and for their wider communities.

Building and sustaining significant family wealth doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning and deep engagement across generations. We start by working with our families to establish a clear vision for the purpose of their wealth. With this focus and alignment, we then help families create and execute a Family Strategy that will achieve their Purpose of Wealth for generations to come.

More than just a name

Mutual Trust represents an entrenched philosophy of integrity and shared purpose that is equally as relevant to the way we engage our families today, as it was to our predecessors.

The words “mutual” and “trust” were chosen by William Lawrence (W.L.) Baillieu and his four brothers to indicate how they would operate. It was agreed under mutual terms and with great trust, that these competitive, yet successful brothers would work together for the mutual benefit of their siblings and broader family.

The key ingredient for establishing Mutual Trust, as written by W.L., was “the desire that the family should all move forward together, with no one shooting out ahead, so to speak, of the others.”


Why Mutual Trust

At Mutual Trust, our definition of wealth is about so much more than finances. It is about human fulfilment, relationships and contributing to the lives of others. We help grow family capital through a defined purpose, documented vision and values, tailored investment strategies and clear communication.

Whilst family relationships can be complex, there are ways to unite individuals across generations and create strong family communities. In our experience, families which collaborate with a focus on clear and open communication are more likely to succeed in transferring their wealth across multiple generations.


A sophisticated wealth offering

With a strong heritage and deep experience managing family wealth for some of Australia’s wealthiest families, our team of 50+ specialists provide a unique and comprehensive service. By understanding the families we work with and their needs, we establish bespoke portfolios which generate investment returns to help manage, grow and protect wealth for today and for future generations.

The value we deliver, however, goes beyond offering premium investment management services. We also consider each client’s Purpose of Wealth, along with their whole balance sheet, lifestyle requirements and tax position to deliver comprehensive wealth advice.


Ongoing positive socio-economic impacts

Recent research has generated some compelling statistics relating to Australian Family Offices and the significant impact they make in society.

For this very reason, it is critical we support Family Offices and serve successful wealthy families across generations so they continue to make a great impact with their wealth and in turn, generate a positive social and economic contribution to our broader community.

There is clear evidence to suggest that families who focus on what matters most will set their family up for long-term success and deliver great socio-economic impacts with their wealth.