Wealth Management

Lead by a high calibre team of investment professionals, wealth management is a cornerstone of the Mutual Trust offering.


Investment Advisory Team

Our team of investment advisors deliver holistic, unconflicted, tax-aware advice, with a specific focus on long-term outcomes for clients. We provide investment advice with a deep understanding of a client’s specific goals, risk tolerances and tax situation to develop a bespoke strategic asset allocation and implementation plan.

Portfolio Management Team

We have a strongly resourced team with a genuine global investment management capability. Its focus is the global macroeconomic environment and the impact on asset allocation and investment selection across equities, fixed income, alternatives, property and specialised managed funds.

Portfolio Administration and Reporting

Mutual Trust simplifies the complexities of the investment administration, custody and cash management requirements through a purpose-built administration capability. We are an ASIC licensed custodian and ASX CHESS Participant and provide full recording, reporting and reconciliation of investment positions and cash movements.

Investment Philosophy

At Mutual Trust, we have a long history of protecting and growing wealth through market cycles. Our investment philosophy is underpinned by the following:

Asset Allocation

We aim to provide world-class investment options for our clients through appropriate asset allocations that reflect our macroeconomic views, with an overlay of client specific needs. We believe that market cycles are long and aim to deliver risk-adjusted returns that build wealth over the long term.

Globally Focused

Our investment universe is global. We believe that combining our intimate knowledge of the Australian market with a strong focus on finding the best opportunities globally leads to superior risk-adjusted returns.

Direct and Managed Investments

We employ a combination of direct security selection and partnering with world-class investment managers. Where we believe we have a significant in-house competitive advantage, we deliver this through direct investments. Where we believe our asset class allocations are better suited to external specialists, we partner with these managers to deliver best in class options to our clients. This allows us to be objective when choosing who to partner with.

Tax Aware Advice

Having extensive in-house taxation expertise, we are particularly focused on post-tax returns. We incorporate our deep understanding of our clients’ specific taxation circumstances to ensure that optimal tax outcomes are delivered.