Four ways our investor portal provides you with a greater understanding of your overall consolidated financial position

by Tanya Vanderpoel Advisor Tanya has over 10 years' experience in private wealth management, advising individuals, families and charitable organisations on strategic asset allocation, portfolio management, risk and investment policy. Contact Tanya

Do you have access to timely, relevant and accurate portfolio information when making investment decisions? Mutual Trust has invested significant resources to develop an Investor Portal to provide families with a comprehensive and flexible dashboard to review portfolio assets and performance. Here are four ways Mutual Trust’s Investor Portal provides you with a greater understanding of your overall consolidated financial position.

1. Access your investment portfolio securely “anytime, anywhere”

Increasingly our clients are conducting their financial affairs over mobile phones or tablets. The Mutual Trust Investor Portal provides an easy-to-use and intuitive way for clients to view their portfolios. Investor Portal is a cloud based web service which means that it can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or even a smart TV.

2. Consolidated Reporting – view your financial life in one place

Many of our clients have expressed frustrations with reports received from other service providers, noting the inability to provide consolidated reporting across all entities. Manually aggregating entities into consolidated reports is laborious and prone to mistakes. Our online investor portal automates this process, enabling efficient and effective consolidation of all your investment entities.

The portal allows clients to view their overall financial position by asset class, view details on each account they hold, and drill down into the underlying holdings within their portfolios. Any asset be it listed or unlisted (e.g. direct property or managed fund) is reported on via our platform. Clients also have the ability to add “off platform” assets to get a complete picture of overall wealth.

3. Accurate and reliable data at your fingertips

Having information that is accurate, reliable and up to date is vital when making investment decisions. Our investment administration team reconcile all investments across each account ensuring at any given time, we are confident that their financial information is up-to-date and accurate.

Market prices and valuations in the Investor Portal are based on close-of-business prices from the previous day. If there are changes that occur during the day to a client’s portfolio, these can be simply be refreshed within the Portal via the user menu. (E.g. international prices and currencies are not loaded into the system until the morning AEST following the closure of the relevant exchanges).

4. Transparency – portfolio performance

Providing our clients with timely, transparent and meaningful information is crucial to both building trust and maintaining relationships. Tracking portfolio performance is important to understanding how well your portfolio is performing. Within the investor portal clients can select either a consolidated group or single portfolio and then select an index to benchmark their portfolio against. Current portfolio performance can be accessed and assessed at any given time without having to wait for hard copy reports to be received at the end of the reporting period.

Mutual Trust works with many family offices and clients around Australia who leverage our custody and investment administration platform, bookkeeping, tax, accounting and superannuation technology suite. Through the consolidation of their reporting, not only do they report cost savings but significant efficiencies.

To view a demonstration of our online investor portal click here.

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