For some, working for the benefit of others is a calling. For others, it is a way to give thanks. For many families it is, quite simply, their ultimate legacy.

Irrespective of the underlying motivation, private endeavours for the public good have far-reaching implications and require careful consideration.

With the expert guidance of Mutual Trust, our clients can maximise the social impact of their wealth through philanthropy. Our focus is on encouraging thoughtful giving to nourish the quality of our clients’ lives and deliver personal satisfaction and rewards.

How we engage with Philanthropists

With Mutual Trust, clients receive the backing of an experienced and empathetic team. We offer specialist philanthropic expertise for a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from those who are new to philanthropy through to more experienced givers who want to maintain control over their grant-making while reducing administrative complexity.

We leverage compliance, wealth management, administration and accounting teams to deliver a world-class philanthropy package. Our emphasis is on:

  • Enabling families to work together positively to achieve better outcomes
  • Providing education and exclusive networking forums to give clients the latest philanthropic thinking and create opportunities to share experiences within a like-minded community
  • Supporting the development of a family’s philanthropic legacy so that it complements other activities and interests
  • Delivering clients benefits through effective tax planning, donations and succession planning of assets.

Service Offering

The following services and support form the foundation of Mutual Trust’s offering:

  • Advisory Services
    – Trustee, Secretarial and Compliance Services
    – Tax Consulting
  • Access to a Philanthropic Community
  • Formal Education and Training
  • Philanthropy Workshops for Families
  • Investment Advice