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Getting the conversation started

by Peter Whitehead Family Governance & Succession, Families

Focusing on the purpose of family wealth and what matters most about being a successful family is an extremely valuable exercise. It facilitates many catalysts for clear roadmaps for the enjoyment of life, risk-appropriate investment and tax efficient and fit …

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Interview: The benefits of a family constitution

by Brad Simmons Family Governance & Succession, Families

Brad Simmons discusses how family constitutions can enable family communication and provide decision making structures to facilitate stronger family dynamics.

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What is the purpose of your family wealth? Six common examples.

by Brad Simmons Family Governance & Succession

What is the purpose of your family wealth? Few questions could be more important in the pursuit of successful intergenerational wealth transitions. However, in our experience, it is a question which draws a blank look from even the most sophisticated …

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The impact of new technologies on organisations

by Baptiste Burgert Family Governance & Succession

New technologies are redefining how businesses engage with employees, customers, and suppliers. Is it time your business embraced them? In some ways, managing a business has never been more challenging. The world is moving fast, competition is diverse and global, …

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As a Family Office executive, are you managing these six common pressure points?

by Simone Rouse Family Governance & Succession

The structure and complexity of each family office varies greatly, creating an assortment of challenges for family office executives. Each pressure point distracts executives from achieving their fundamental purpose: delivering on the family strategy and objectives. Identifying and resolving key …

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