The perils of mixing family office with family business

by Brad Simmons Families, Business & Enterprise

“Managing the family’s personal assets inside the operating company increases the exposure of both the family and the business to a host of significant legal and operational risks.” The Family Office Exchange (FOX) ‘Managing Family Wealth Separately From the Family …

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How salary packaging can save tax for your employees

by Paul Hockridge Business & Enterprise

Through a combination of salary and fringe benefits an employer can help save considerable amounts of tax for their employees. And, contrary to popular belief, the administration for employers can be made very simple. Traditional wisdom says that effective salary …

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The importance of planning ahead

by Craig Retallack Private Clients, Families

One of the most important things I value in my career is the ‘absolute trust’ placed with me to guide families through the financial aspects of life’s journey. Increasingly, we are witness to families who have lost a spouse or …

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Five reasons families are appointing professional trustees

by Lucie McKenna Private Clients, Families

The death of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for a family. Now, imagine that the person who has passed away was the sole manager of all of the family’s financial affairs, leaving behind substantial assets and …

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Will your family intergenerational wealth strategy stand the test of time? A check list for ensuring a successful wealth transfer

by Jeff Steiner Private Clients, Families

In a previous article, we explored the reasons Why 70% of Wealth Transfers Fail. This alarmingly high failure rate has permeated so many cultures across so many eras that it has been entrenched in legend and inspired the proverb “shirt …

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes of Family Office Investors

by Brad Simmons Families

“…owning and managing significant wealth doesn’t need to be this hard. But if families are truly going to break the shackles that seem to burden and overwhelm so many of the families we work with, then the first step is …

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Why 70% of wealth transfers fail

by Brad Simmons Families

Research shows that an alarming 70% of wealth transfers fail. The primary reason? A breakdown of trust and communication within families. Other common causes include a failure to prepare wealth inheritors and a failure to define purpose of wealth. So …

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