Federal Budget 2017

by Leanne Spiteri Business & Enterprise

Mutual Trust 2017 Federal Budget from Mutual Trust on Vimeo. View the full PDF report here: 2017 Federal Budget Update – 10 May 2017

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Q1 Investment Outlook

by Graeme Bibby Investment

Executive Summary Most influential themes for 2017: Fiscal (government budget) stimulus anticipated to take over from monetary (central bank) stimulus in reflating economies. Interest rates rising in step with inflation expectations in the US, anticipating higher fiscal stimulus. Market volatility …

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Using philanthropy to start the conversation on family wealth

by Rachel English Next Gen, Philanthropy

Knowing how to engage, encourage and educate your child can be a challenge, regardless of specific family wealth and responsibilities. However, with the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy predicting a generational wealth transfer of $59 trillion by 2061 …

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Eight Key Points to Maximising Business Value

by Ray Short Families, Business & Enterprise

For many family business owners, the sale of their business will be the single largest transaction of their lives. Yet many enter this transaction not fully prepared. Below, we discuss the eight key items to consider before commencing a business …

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The Five Common Mistakes of Next Gen Education Programs

by Elizabeth Goldfinch Next Gen

Would you hand your children the keys to the car before they have learnt how to drive? This is the unfortunate position many of the rising generation face when they are thrust, often suddenly, into the driver’s seat of their …

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Should you be paying superannuation contributions for contractors?

by Brendan Henderson Superannuation

Many employers are surprised to discover that in some circumstances, they are required to pay superannuation contributions behalf of their contractors. For some, they only become aware of the problem years after they engaged the services of the contractor, leading …

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Capital Gains Tax relief for superannuation funds

by Helen McPhee Tax, Superannuation

The Australian Taxation Office has released guidelines on the Transitional Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief available to superannuation funds needing to comply with the new $1.6 million pension cap and recent changes to the transition to retirement rules. What do …

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The 10 most common employment mistakes in family business

by Brad Simmons Families, Business & Enterprise

There are few issues in family business that create more conflict and tension than the employment of family members. The complexities involved – and the breakdowns in communication and trust that can result – contribute significantly to the alarmingly high …

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Salary sacrificing into super to maximise your contribution cap

by Helen McPhee Private Clients

While we wait for the government to draw up legislation pertaining to the May Budget, the start of a new financial year also brings about salary reviews which can give you the chance to review available superannuation contribution strategies. While …

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